Business Relationships are Key for Long Term Success

Behind every business there are people cooperating and engaging in important business relationships!

Some folks give the impression they’re too cool for school and don’t care about the views of essay services other people.

Building these important business relationships takes work and if you’ve been in business for some time you know how difficult it is to build these relationships with not only customers, but suppliers, coworkers, and other groups!

However, the difficulty involved is well worth it.

In fact, and not hugely surprising, research shows that we find our jobs more fulfilling when we have positive relationships with the people we work with.

What is the business value that lasts decades? Virtually priceless!

Important business relationships should be purposely pursued and maintained, hopefully evolving into long term, win-win relationships!

Of course, there are different and sometimes unique ways companies can approach effective cooperation within their networks. In a global context it is especially important to find industry-specific approaches to sustaining a competitive advantage with business relationships. One powerful way utilized by Persona GLOBAL to grow and achieve win-win relationships with customers and business partners has been the use of Global Partner Networks. It has been a very effective tool to leverage the tremendous opportunity presented by multicultural business relationships.

What is it?

“Using this model, independent businesses operating in distinct markets are linked by a flexible framework of shared knowledge, values, and access. The enormous benefits — to network partners and customers alike — encompass far more than cultural adaptation and are the reason why global partner networks have truly come of age. When they join a well-designed network, most business partners have already attained long-standing customer relationships and respectable market share within their own countries. Since they share their customers’ cultures, they can quickly adapt products and services that are accessible through the network.”

While firms like Persona GLOBAL have found effective ways to differentiate themselves when it comes to networking and maintaining important business relationships, some factors remain quite consistent regardless of industry…

When attempting to build and manage important business relationships, especially with preferred suppliers. Research and experience have shown that the three most important factors and practices to master are:

  1. · Initiating and sustaining cooperation within and between both sides of the relationship,
  2. · Understanding the real needs (not just the positions) of the other parties to that relationship
  3. · Building confidence on both sides in the relationship itself.

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