The Basics of Building a High-Performance Team

We all know that high-performing teams make a more high-performing business!

But… what are some of the characteristics and metrics used to judge a high-performing team?

Characteristics of Teams
Sense of purpose• A mission with meaningful performance goals• Certain work procedures and processes• Team members need to support the common issues• Members take their individual responsibility seriously• Have a mix of skills, expertise, and experiences

While many of these characteristics might seem obvious, each individual characteristic must be consciously identified, honed and refined in order to create the end product; a high performance team.

It is crucial for a team to have a stable framework in place that sets proper procedure , provides performance standards and measurements, and formalizes individual responsibilities. Having these standards in place is crucial to running a smooth operation, however utilizing the unique abilities, strengths, and ideas of those team members must not be left out of your plan and over-centralization can hurt your business operation!

While it’s vital to start with the right workers, or ingredients, it’s also vital to to put them together in the right way…that is the responsibility of the team leader.

Without a leader to guide the rest of the team members, a team lacks a proper foundation to build on and as with the previously mentioned characteristics of the team, the team leader has their own characteristics that should be identified and improved.

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