Aurea Patricia Romero

Aurea Romero has got a Masters Degree in Business Administration, who also holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. Her former management function was as a Branch Manager within the financial sector of Grupo Financiero Banamex.


Her professional objectives are to help young executives to enhance their abilities and communication skills related to business administration in sales, leadership and team work, among others.

She is also highly involved in the teaching field, linked to professional outcomes. She truly believes that theoretical principles can be most enriching based on real cases, to match personal interests with business strategy.

Current Activities

She currently provides her services as an on-line teacher in Bacherlor’s degree, Postgraduates, and Master’s degree.


Aurea Romero has been certified in Personal Awareness Systems, Inc., Persona Global, in the following areas: The Persuasive Communicator, Management Action Profile, Leadership, Sales Competency Assessment and Emotional Capability Profile.