11 Reasons Partnership with Persona is Preferred by Consultants who Desire Financial Growth, Market Security, and Product Integrity:

  1. Significant profit margin potential from the resale of Persona performance solutions as well as from spin-off engagements. Many partners have an ROI of 11 to 1 or greater from additional consulting and training.
  2. Access to the Persona Assessment Center (PAC)—over a million dollars worth of online technology designed exclusively to develop the businesses of our partner licensees.
  3. Immediate inclusion in Persona ‘s networking tool, the Persona Hotline, a powerful discussion board/broadcast system together with other certified Persona partners and licensees.
  4. Access to Persona ‘s international client referral system, which provides cross-references for targeted marketing efforts.
  5. Use of Persona ‘s internationally registered trademarks.
  6. Immediate access to all new and upgraded Persona products and services.
  7. Guaranteed product integrity based on tested and successfully administered courseware, instruments, and software, both in the U.S. and overseas.
  8. Participation in Persona ‘s international conferences where our partners and licensees meet, network, share experiences, and get trained in new products developed exclusively for them. There have been 35 conferences to date.
  9. Potential for the marketing and distribution of your company’s products in up to 38 countries. Products are reviewed and selected on an annual basis for network exposure.
  10. The opportunity to build your own network of Persona sub-licensees and earn additional income.
  11. Becoming a certified Persona licensee gives you the opportunity to upgrade your product offerings and to benefit as others have, from improved profitability and training/consulting effectiveness.

For more information on becoming a certified Persona licensee, please contact us