Beyond Coaching, Mentoring the Ultimate Manager Performance Enhancing Process

What is Beyond Coaching, Mentoring the Ultimate Manager Performance Enhancing Process?

Mentoring is a process of building workplace relationships to empower individuals… to develop personal and professional abilities, achieve performance goals at increasingly higher levels, and make progress toward their career goals.

The Communication Style Profi le is a tool to assess your preferences on communication styles, flexibility and empathy as seen by others. Participants will fill in one questionnaire and select a number of their colleagues to fill in another set for a computer generated feedback of the participant’s ability to understand the differences and needs among people. From that, participants will be given a personal Gameplan to formulate communication strategies for any mentee they want to influence.

The Effective Mentor…

  • Coaches and guides through open-ended questions.
  • Admits mistakes and shares failures.
  • Values trusting and responsible relationships.
  • Models organization’s culture, core beliefs, values, and tactics.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to culturally diverse relationships.
  • Incorporates a variety of thinking and skill sets into organizational strategies.
  • Demonstrates an authentic commitment of time, energy, planning and resources to mentoring.
  • Listens and understands.


Importance and benefits of mentoring as a manager, mentoring process

  • Knowledge of own communication style as others perceive you
  • Understand own strengths and weaknesses as a trust builder
  • A systematic approach to understanding and influencing others
  • A new plan for dealing with someone you need to influence NOW
  • A proven negotiation process
  • Personal Gameplan software disk (to profile anyone in the future)
  • A methodology for reducing personal stress