Breakthrough Account Analysis™

What is Breakthrough Account Analysis™?

In the past organizations could rely on quality, price, and differentiation of their products or services to drive sales. Those days are over. Products and services are becoming commodities and financial pressures to manage costs are forcing customers to seek greater value.

To succeed in this commoditized and highly competitive marketplace, organizations are recognizing that they have to add value beyond products, and be more strategic in their sales and marketing. Consequently, many companies are attempting to be more competitive by adding value through a more consultative selling approach. Organizations also recognize that success requires salespeople that are more knowledgeable and strategic. Consequently, companies are investing heavily in sales force training and tools like CRM.

Unfortunately, while the content of most of sales skills and strategy training programs is sound, the execution and transfer of the skills outside the classroom continues to be a major problem. In fact, research reveals that unless skills are practiced and reinforced outside the classroom, over 80% of what is learned during sales training will be forgotten. The cost to organizations in wasted training investments and lost sales is huge.

A common obstacle to the use of effective selling skills and strategy is the belief that it is too difficult or complex to use the skills in the “real world”. Another common perception is that the skills learned in training are not applicable to “my kind of selling” Breakthrough Account Analysis™ was developed specifically by sales professionals to overcome these obstacles and promote execution of selling skills and strategy…in the real world. The approach is much different than traditional training.

BAA is all about the quick and easy execution of selling skills and strategy. The BAA approach is immediately relevant and applicable because it is applied to real accounts and produces action plans specific to current opportunities. Translation to the “real world” is not necessary, because it is “real world”. The technique produces immediate results and progress with current opportunities.

The BAA Process Entails These Elements:

  1. A questionnaire to initiate your analysis of key account opportunities.
  2. Feedback based on your analysis that contains your current
    • Success Potential given what you know and what you need to know.
    • Knowledge/Reliability Overview that shows graphically your level of account knowledge and reliability of your information.

A set of recommended action steps to take with the account.

  1. An account analysis workshop/meeting in which you strategize with your team…
    • What You Know
    • What You Need to Know
    • What You Need to Confirm
    • Action steps
  2. Routine Use following the workshop is accomplished by immediately incorporating the approach into sales meetings, account reviews, manager “ride-alongs”, and account strategy sessions.

BAA Knowledge Categories

Research has identified the key behaviors that differentiate high performing salespeople from average sales people. Those key selling behaviors include developing and continuously refining account strategy based on information as it is gathered.