Building a High Performance Team

What is Building a High Performance Team?

Building a High Performing Team is a skill training workshop designed to increase the ability of the team leader to obtain the best from each member in order to ensure the success of the team. This ability relies on the team leader’s willingness and skill in implementing the following practices:

  • VISION: Communicating a clear and challenging vision of the project to the members of his or her team, by demonstrating his or her total commitment to the project.
  • MOTIVATION: Motivating the members of the team by valuing their contributions and involving them in the successful outcome of the project.
  • AUTONOMY: Allowing team members a level of autonomy, freedom and appropriate initiative.
  • ORGANIZATION: Clarifying each person’s responsibilities, while providing and ensuring organizational and management methodologies.
  • OPENNESS: Ensuring the effectiveness of communication and the openness of exchanges within the team.
  • SUPPORT: Providing the necessary support to the team at the individual, technical, group and policy levels.

Our Methodology Features a Unique Feedback:

Prior to the workshop, participants will receive Building a High Performance Team questionnaires to be filled out by the participant, members of his/her project team, as well as the clients and supervisor(s). The questionnaires are processed online through Persona’s Assessment Center, and the results are personally distributed to each participant during the workshop.

  • Team Development Survey: 49 statements assessing the behavior and level of maturity of your team.
  • Team Management Survey: 18 statements assessing your team leadership through our six key practices model.
  • Select Your Respondents: Participants choose Respondent to be surveyed to receive feedback (delivered confidentially) as to build their trust building skills during the workshop.


  • Understand the difference between a team and a high performance team
  • Understand the team leader’s role in constructing a high performance team
  • Selecting team members
  • Understand the 7 stages of team development and how to move your team to the next stage
  • Creating high team cohesiveness and high consistency in the team
  • Motivating team members and ensuring openness and trust
  • Bridging generational or cross cultural differences
  • Managing efficiently a remote team
  • Develop an action plan

Characteristics of Teams

  • Sense of purpose
  • A mission with meaningful performance goals
  • Certain work procedures and processes
  • Team members need to support the common issues
  • Members take their individual responsibility seriously
  • Have a mix of skills, expertise, and experiences

Phases of Maturity of a Team

Building a High Performing Team Model

  • Vision
  • Motivating
  • Autonomy
  • Organizational
  • Support
  • Openness

The Course Covers:

  • The key requirements form a team
  • Why Teams Fail to Reach Their Potential
  • Dealing with obstacles
  • What is a high performance team
  • Phases of maturity of a team
  • The Development of a Team’s Maturity
  • Degrees of Empowerment
  • Role of the leader
  • High Performance Team Manager’s Role
  • The 4 success factors for remote teams
  • Building trust
  • Across culture