What is Chronos?

Managing your Priorities and Personal Efficiency.

  • Master the elements of success in time management
  • Manage your relationships with others to make Time an ally
  • Gain in Personal Efficiency

Faced with accelerating change and new and stronger constraints, time management has benefi ted from an infl ux of new tools – traditional or electronic. But with what results?

Time management is indeed not only about tools: it implies a state of mind, practices and behaviors. It needs therefore a deep transformation of the way to plan and live relationships with others, toward events… and to oneself.

The seminar Chronos¬© offers you to “revisit” in depth your time and priorities management for a more productive and serene professional life.

  • Gaining knowledge of a method and techniques to manage efficiently priorities.
  • Managing your relationships to turn others into allies in time management.
  • Discovering and optimizing one’s own style of time management and priorities.
  • Anticipating events and knowing how to deal effi ciently with emergencies and changes.
Chronos Benefits:

Chronos© will be benefi cial to you if you are trying to:

  • Better handle your stress and face the growing pressure of the market.
  • Improve the individual and collective productivity.
  • Learn principles and techniques that will help you better handle your activities.
  • Develop your delegation practices.
  • Our method stems from the most recent research
  • Discover how to use at best the up-to-date tools at your disposal
  • Discover how best to use the modern tools at your disposal
  • Our methods and plans of action are adapted to each kind of time management
  • Identify when others are allies when it comes to time management or when they are time-wasters
  • An individual Report
  • The Laws of Time
  • Key prioritization techniques
  • Manager-Rep Performance
  • Being successful by organizing
  • Clarifying the goals
  • The chronostyle
  • Turn others into allies
  • Completion of the individual action plan