What is Container?

The Container is an innovative web-based tool, which provides all the functionality you need to create and provide e-trainings and e-coachings.

The integrated authoring tool helps you to setup and edit your web-based tutorials and questionnaires.

The clearly-structured and intuitive user interface allows for very short production times – with Container you can setup and provide a complete training within a few hours.

As Container is purely web-based there is no need to setup a complex and expensive server architecture. Authoring and training runs on all web-enabled platforms (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones etc). All you need is a web browser and connection to the internet.

Users will discover a modern learning tool that is easily accessible and fun to use.


  • Quickly and efficiently create and provide web-based e-training and e-coaching applications
  • Multiple designs options for customized solutions
  • Unique functionality of e-coaching allows to gather two dimensional information
  • Purely web-based system – Container and the created applications run on all web-enabled platforms
  • User access to specific app granted by voucher code


You may freely define the structure of your e-training with different chapters and pages and edit the structure at all times – even when the training is finished or in progress. To offer a great variety of design options, each page can be filled with content such as text, images, audio files and exercises. The text on each page is easy to format.

Different question types for user interaction are available (quadrants – term matching – free text). The free text boxes allow the user to input answers with a standard solution shown for comparison. The question type quadrants requests the user to assign provided terms to the 4 areas of a matrix. Term matching asks the user to draw lines between a term and the corresponding label. The solution of the exercises is provided if the user does not find the correct answer within three attempts.


Just like a live coach, the unique functionality of the questionnaire (e-coaching)accompanies the user for a certain period of time. With questions organized in different chapters, it gathers information about the current situation of the user.

Depending on the chosen answer, the corresponding coaching text shown within the report section of Container provides advice on how to proceed accordingly.

In order to highlight certain answers in the report you can assign them to three different classes (good – neutral – bad). With every answer you have the chance to determine one or two dimensions of information e.g., amount and quality.
The numerical information of the amount and the quality of information provided by the chosen answers are displayed in the report section of Container.

It is up to the author to either inherit the two dimensions of information in the answer or to check the second dimension explicitly by using a sub-question.


  • Autonomous management of password and account
  • Users learn at their at own pace based on information such as text, images, audio, questions, report
  • Create different projects in questionnaire part (e-coaching) and save corresponding data


  • Use it everywhere access to internet is available – each application has its own URL
  • Runs on all web-enabled platforms (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphone)
  • Registration is completed by email-address and freely defined password
  • Access to specific application is granted by voucher code sold by author/owner
  • Only one login at a time


  • Fast – clearly structured user interface allows to setup an e-training quickly
  • Concentrate on your content, there is no need to learn a complicated tool
  • Modern – look and feel makes the application attractive for users
  • No need to install software or setup complex server architecture
  • The Topic is the password protected workspace for the author/owner
  • Language of user interface can be translated
  • Your easy access to the fast growing eLearning and Blended Learning market
  • Blended learning offers advantages for both users and consultants/trainers as you start your workshop with well prepared participants and achieve optimum results


The e-training and e-coaching applications created by using Container are designed for end users willing to improve their skills with fun and efficiency. Therefore the emphasis is on improvement, not on survey of the existing knowledge. Nevertheless, an exchange of training-related information can actively be done by the user.

As Container is sufficient for many applications, there are of course some projects which require individual adaptations and enhancements. As a solution provider we are prepared to customize Container according to your expectations and requirements.