Customer Experience Management+™

What is Customer Experience Management+™?

Key Function

CEM+ is designed to provide top executives with a solid understanding of how customer experience can be used to create competitive advantage and differentiate your organization in the market.

The purpose of the CEM+ survey is identify the critical few expectations that are common to your most profitable customers. This helps to define your brand strategy, craft the brand promise and refine the overall customer experience. The purpose of usage or life style segmentation is to fine tune outbound communications and product development to appeal to the interests of specific consumer groups. This is important but tactical in nature.Principles

5 principles:

  • Identify your most profitable target customers
  • Define what your customers value
  • Redefine your brand promise
  • Define the customer experience
  • Deliver a customer experience that sustains customer loyalty

FeaturesThe CEM+ methodology is composed of a comprehensive assessment process and a two-day workshop. The CEM+ methodology consists of:

  • The Customer Experience Assessment Survey
  • The Customer Experience Design
  • Creating an organization that can deliver and sustain a customer experience


  • CEM+ is a powerful tool in creating insight into your current customer experience and how to improve it.
  • CEM+ can achieve fast and reliable results by focusing only on your target customers.
  • CEM+ recommendations are straight forward and focus only on those key areas that add value to customers.
  • The web-based approach of CEM+ makes it a simple and cost effective tool.
  • Increase customer retention
  • Provide effective and efficient customer service.