Elva Ainsworth

Elva delivers innovative transformational leadership programmes and web-based software solutions alongside the provision of strategic direction and business development to her 3 businesses, the main one being Talent Innovations Ltd. Elva launched Talent Innovations as a development software and leadership consulting business in 2001. Since then she has created a portfolio of online development tools together with an innovative and unique methodology. Her Discovery Method combines quality psychometric diagnosis with transformational coaching for intensive results. It delivers quantum leaps in effectiveness at an individual and organisational level. Elva’s commitment is to cause socially responsible and inspiring leadership to improve the effectiveness and experience of employees’ working life. She sees 360 degree feedback as one of the most powerful mechanisms to deliver breakthrough results in leadership performance, as long as it is delivered in a culture-appropriate way and within a fully growth-focused and action-supported process. Over the last 20 years Elva has specialised in 360 degree feedback coaching at every level in a full range of client contexts and has given feedback coaching (or “360 Discovery”) sessions to over 500 leaders. She now spends her time training and coaching Associates, Consultants and client HR professionals in her techniques and skills.


As well as ten years experience in Human Resources – most latterly as Corporate HR Director for RAC Motoring services, Elva offers over 20 years of international consulting experience in business psychology. She directed the first 360 degree feedback consultancy practice in SHL pioneering the first online 360 feedback programme ever to be used in Europe. She has delivered consulting projects globally and locally – including assessment and development centres, talent management programmes, competency modelling reviews, management development courses, performance management projects, executive coaching and training in 360 degree feedback skills and coaching. Elva’s initial time in psychology and HR means that she understands something of the practicalities and realities of leadership skill development. She has been working with 360 degree feedback for over 20 years and has seen the practice develop from a simple replication of the process of feeding back a psychometric/personality profile to a more sophisticated process of coaching and insight. After leaving SHL Elva applied distinctions and learning both from the world of transformational development as well as from the healing process of homeopathy and created a unique approach to 360 which maximised the engagement of participants. Inspiring Leader Breakthrough was first created by Elva in 2004 and evolved into its current shape through an innovative process of trial and partnership with clients. Her brother Mark has worked alongside Elva to provide statistical and business support and he invented a unique method of refining and validating both competency models and 360 degree instruments.


A graduate of Bristol University in England, Elva obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She also holds a Masters in Human Resources Management from Middlesex Business School. Elva obtained Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in 2009 and is qualified in psychometrics by the British Psychology Society to level A and B. She qualified as a homeopath in 2000, completed 3 years of personal transformational education in 2004 and was trained by the world famous Dr Michel Odent as a doula in 2012. Her goal is to create purposeful businesses that cause leadership both within the corporate environment and also for women through childbirth and in their roles as mothers and in the work-place.