Emotional Capability Profile

What is Emotional Capability Profile?

There is general agreement amongst those who have studied emotional intelligence that this is a significant contributor to a person’s effectiveness. It provides the traction necessary for superior performance by enabling an individual’s IQ, technical skills knowledge and expertise to be maximised. Emotional Capability emphasises that emotional intelligence is made up of a number of skill clusters that can be reinforced and developed.

The Emotional Capability Profile uses the most up-to-date research findings and is designed as a development tool (not a measurement tool). Based on the perception of self and others, it is a way of giving feedback to individuals about their use of those skills that are widely held to be associated with demonstrating emotional intelligence at work. People are finding that this profile provides practical insights into the skills associated with managing one’s own emotions and actions, and in developing sustained and appropriate relationships with others.

The ECP has been used to assist leaders to enhance their leadership skills either as part of a leadership development program or a culture change program. It has also been very effective as a basis for coaching leaders on a one-to-one basis. The ECP has also been used very effectively with team members of client organisations, especially when linked to team building.

The instrument is universally relevant across a wide range of organisational types such as public sector, public utilities, not-for-profit organisations and the commercial sector, where it is applicable to a wide range of industries. The ECP is equally suitable for different sizes of organisation and can be used at every hierarchical level.

The ECP enables analysis of organisational effectiveness and can provide benchmark and trend data over time indicating the progress of organisational development interventions.

The Profile Contents
  • 66 questions, clustered into 24 elements within 5 components of Emotional Capability.
  • The profile starts with a comprehensive overview of the research, constructs, model, definitions and guidelines for interpreting the report.
  • The feedback is provided as an overall view, followed by data and then data within each separate component appearing as scores for self and others in combination with a bar chart.
  • Any wide variations in scores provided by a person’s respondents are indicated in the data.
  • Each component has a narrative appearing after the data page which indicates the individual’s strengths, areas for development and some suggestions as to actions the person may find useful.
  • Finally, there is a page of Development Actions indicating the key action steps a person may wish to take to improve or enhance their emotional capability.
Emotional Capability Profile Features
  • Recent concept turned into practical tools to help apply learning into everyday practice.
  • This program is combined with a workshop.
  • A tool that can assist with organisation development and culture change with the ability to track results over time.
  • Multiple uses – The ECP can be used as the diagnostic basis for, individual development, team development, one to one coaching and/or, identification of organisation-wide development needs.
ECP Supporting Workshop

The workshop links with the ECP and provides an interactive and supportive environment including experiential projects that reinforce the learning. There is also a comprehensive participant workbook. The workshop is able to be tailored to a group’s developmental needs through a choice of learning modules and can be designed to integrate with an overall organisational developmental programme

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is designed for people who perform leadership roles (senior through to first line positions) and those people who are considered to be key influencers in the organisation. In addition, this workshop is useful in building the effectiveness of an intact team and in providing front-line team members with skills in dealing effectively with customers.

ECP can be used effectively:
  • As part of an Introductory program to help new people understand their entry level of competency linked to the organisation’s competencies.
  • As a core development opportunity for all leaders and potential leaders.
  • As a longitudinal development tool by repetition of the Profile after 9-12 months to measure development (and the ROI of interventions).
  • As an objective basis for remedial coaching e.g. where an individual is technically proficient but has less than effective self-management and interpersonal skills.
  • As a diagnostic tool to support team building and the development of group emotional intelligence (as opposed to a group of emotionally capable people) or as the basis of individual coaching for development or career planning.
  • ECP, as a theory-led, self-development tool, has proven to be a reliable and valid survey instrument in its original form. Feedback from participants demonstrates a high level of face validity and there is substantial anecdotal evidence for its effectiveness in diagnosing and developing the desired competencies based on the model of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Current studies are demonstrating the effectiveness of the Profile on a test-coaching-intervention-retest basis.
Key Function

To identify strengths and areas of improvement in Emotional Capability within an organization and to develop a Personal Action Plan that continues this skill-building process beyond the workshop.