Frances Tweedy and Cheryl Wright

Frances Tweedy and Cheryl Wright are Senior Consultants with Capability Group Ltd., founded by them in the mid 1980’s. Capability Group is a consulting company that specialises in organisation development, change management and leadership development. This company was founded in 1984 and has been part of the Persona GLOBAL network since this time. In providing services to both the public and commercial sectors of New Zealand, the company has utilised Persona products to assist the building of capability in alignment with its mission of “Releasing People Potential for Business Success”.

While assisting the development of organisations, both Frances and Cheryl are also involved in coaching and mentoring senior managers. As long-standing members of the Human Resource Institute of New Zealand and the New Zealand Association of Training and Development they mentor newer members of these professional associations.

As well as being the authors of the Emotional Capability Profile, Frances and Cheryl are co-authors of a book entitled “Continual Learning – Your investment in the future” which is a self-directed workbook designed to support individuals in building capability to learn and managers in creating a learning environment for their team.

Frances Tweedy
In 1984, Frances formed the partnership Human Resource Associates (NZ) following a career in human resource management in the computer industry. She has worked extensively in the areas of organizational change and development in Australia and New Zealand since the mid 1980’s. Many assignments have involved strategic planning with senior teams and developing learning events in the area of leadership and personal development. Assignments also include such areas as goal setting, performance management systems, team building (including interpersonal skills), customer service, continual improvement, training needs analysis, leadership development and reward evaluation. She is a Past National President of the Institute of Personal Management of New Zealand (now HRINZ).

Cheryl Wright
Cheryl Wright began consulting in 1984 following a career in human resource management. She has worked with diverse public and private sector organizations with a particular focus on the retailing industry. Cheryl’s areas of focus are organizational change, strategic HR, leadership development and emotional capability. Many of her assignments are aimed at delivering business effectiveness through enhanced people performance and achieving organizational alignment with key business strategies. Cheryl facilitates learning across a wide range of leadership/management skills and knowledge and strongly believes that the best learning takes place in a participative, supportive and enjoyable environment.


Frances Tweedy and Cheryl Wright combined their experience and skills to develop the Emotional Capability Profile to meet the specific needs of clients who were keen to help their leaders become consistently successful. While the initial profile in 1999 was a self-perception tool, responsiveness to client needs led to further refinements, firstly as a 360º consultant produced development profile and then to the current on-line version, launched in Shanghai in 2005. This theory led and extensively field tested profile provides insights into 24 skill elements within the five components of emotional capability. It can be used as the diagnostic basis for individual development, team development, one-to-one coaching and identification of organization-wide development needs. The Emotional Capability Profile is supported by workshops and can also be integrated into leadership and team development learning events. In addition, this tool links with other Persona tools such as Persuasive Communicator, Management Action Profile, Organizational Savvy and Leadership.

Current Activities

Capability Group is currently engaged with medium to large organizations across New Zealand in the retail, banking, education, scientific and medical industries as well as local government. The wide range of assignments cover organizational analysis, organizational change, culture shaping, learning and development frameworks, leadership development and team development. Within these assignments there is a focus on building personal and group effectiveness and ensuring that the organizational policies and infrastructure support the desired changes.


Continual Learning – Your Investment in the future”