Francisco Acosta

Francisco Acosta has a lot of experience in strategic management as executive consultant in different sectors. He is now leading as General Manager Persona Global Latin America in Mexico. Francisco is passionate about education and new ways of learning. He enjoys working with multicultural teams and is fluent in Spanish and English.


Francisco has been recruited in senior and leadership positions as Corporative Director of Marketing and Sales in Grupo Nacional Provincial and Banco Nacional de México, now Citigroup. He has a huge experience as facilitator of top level retreats. Also, he is a trainer, facilitator and Professor of top business Schools and Universities in Latin America. Francisco has a successful experience recruiting, developing and managing sales force of around 12,000 people, increasing three times the sales results. Francisco is developing methodologies about sales in banking and financial services sales.


He has a solid academic background. He counts with an MBA from Columbia University in NY and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Francisco was awarded with the National Business Prize by the President of Mexico for his contributions as a researcher in the education field. He also received the medal St. Ignacio de Loyola from the jesuit Iberoamericana University in Mexico. He was distinguished for his academic performance and his many years of excellence in service of the Business School. He is certified as an international executive coach.