Inspiring Leader Breakthrough

What is Inspiring Leader Breakthrough?

Inspiring Leader Breakthrough is a robust and well-tested model designed specifically for leadership development and to facilitate alignment of models across organisations. There are versions for non-managers and graduates and also for specific industry sectors so it is relevant for everyone and encourages leadership at every level. Inspiring Leader Breakthrough’s intervention creates:

  • A context and framework that delivers commitment and interest for maximum growth to occur.
  • Unique participation and engagement levels through participants crafting their own additional and personal questions and electing to walk into the process themselves.
  • A specially constructed feedback process which delivers clarity, insights and honesty around what is at stake in their career.
  • A new perspective. Participants find themselves in a fresh context and discover openings for different approaches so that new levels of performance are possible.
  • Actions follow the new perspective and are supported and reminded via programme support.

Inspiring Leader Breakthrough Model

Inspiring Leader Breakthrough is rooted in deep psychology and a true understanding of people and how they develop as leaders. It has been developed using the most advanced practitioner knowledge of 360 feedback tools and leadership styles alongside the robustness and consistency of a thorough statistical analysis. The Inspiring Leader Breakthrough competency structure consists of 18 competencies and a total of 107 items giving an average of 6 items per competency. There is a natural grouping around 4 themes; Intellect/Thinking, Action, Energy/Inspiration and Connection. The three Leadership competencies span many of these themes.

Deliver breakthroughs in performance in every type of organisation

  • Inspiring Leader Breakthrough’s unique 360 feedback leadership model is founded in psychology, neuroscience, statistics and HR experience
  • The model can be used with all employees up to Chief Executive level and works with any organisation’s competency model
  • Delivers a thorough and robust evaluation and understanding of your talent
  • Permits a real commitment to learning to occur
  • Easy benchmarking of data. Allows analysis and understanding of how your leaders are really performing within teams, organisations and across industry sectors

Success Story

The global finance company International Personal Finance wanted to re-shape their business and their leaders for a new model of operation. Their top 200 leaders had been in the business for a long time and had been used to doing things a certain way. This was going to be tricky! Once the strategy was clear, they implemented Inspiring Leader Breakthrough. Each leader got to see where they were weaker and which relationships needed focus and attention. The senior team saw how the whole picture reflected the current culture and was a mirror of the style and skills of the key leaders. Career development plans were agreed and the dialogue around learning became the norm. Consultation and training for the senior teams followed in the key international markets and a second updated follow-through Inspiring Leader Breakthrough was implemented a year later. A significant improvement in leadership was clear to see.


Development Activities: practical ideas and suggestions for growth and learning for each of the competencies.

Personal Questions: individuals can supplement their 360 survey by adding in their own additional questions. This gives the individual deeper engagement and ownership of the 360 feedback process, increasing its effectiveness in delivering development.

Pick & Click: each individual’s 360 can be configured with each of the 16 competencies turned ‘on’ or ‘off’ as required.

Management Styles: the summary report also shows an overview of your management style, based on an ‘overlaid’ interpretation of the core questionnaire items – the larger circles indicate where the individual’s style is stronger.


  • Sponsorship Team Intention
  • Invite Participation & Application
  • Co-creation of Breakthrough Program
  • Implementation and Integration
  • Review and Completion

What you will gain

A very personal understanding of the dynamics of change

  • Access to the philosophy and approach to breakthroughs in performance
  • A profound understanding of how this unique model delivers performance breakthrough
  • How to mine feedback reports to uncover deeper meaning
  • How to use the 360 Degree Discovery Method to create shifts in performance
  • Secret Techniques for Selling Inspiring Leader Breakthrough