Loreto García Muriel

Recently, Loreto was the Managing Director of Organizational Culture and Financial Education at Citigroup Mexico / Banamex. She was responsible for the design and implementation of the group’s Financial Education program, which has reached 12,000,000 people from a wide socio-economic and age spectrum across Mexico.

In 2011, Loreto was tasked to create an Organizational Culture strategy in Banamex. To date, the program has reached 29,000 employees countrywide. She received a Coach and Master Coach Certificate by Senn Delaney, the leading Culture-shaping firm.

In April 2016, Loreto decided to retire from Citigroup in order to focus on personal initiatives related to positive change and development in our society and organizations.

From 2001 to 2004, she participated in the public sector as Executive Vice President of Mexico’s National System for the Integral Development of the Family focused on strengthening the welfare of families in the country.

Currently, Loreto is Chairperson of the Board of Centro de Desarrollo de la Comunidad (Community Development Center of Santa Fe); and member of the Board of the following social and educational organizations: Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía, Empresarios por la Educación, Asociación de Desarrollo Humano, Consejo Nacional del Compromiso Social por la Calidad de la Educación, Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya.

Loreto is the author of the book La Comunicación, Una Experiencia de Vida (Communication, a Life Experience). She has published several articles related to Education, Human and Social Development, Financial Education and Organizational Culture.

Loreto is a Co-founder of Comunidad Educativa Tomás Moro, an innovative nursery-12 private school and parent community. She also led the design, philosophy and study plan of the Bachelor in Education program at the Jesuit Universidad Iberoamericana. She participated actively in both organizations as teacher’s trainer and teacher.

Loreto has a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Science and Pedagogy, additionally she has received a Certificate in Logotherapy. She has collaborated in the design and implementation of several social and educational programs with emphasis in Human Development.