Margarita María Solis Hernández

Throughout her career, Margarita Solis has worked in management and leadership positions both for national and international companies and for non-profit organizations towards industrial and social development.

Committed to her continuous international education, graduated in Industrial Engineering, and with a Master in Business and Informatics, she developed programs and initiatives to lead the ICT Cluster in Jalisco (2007-2013) with great focus in developing Software SMEs, and promoting a very dynamic network and productive linkages with the Government and Academia. In 2013 she received a special recognition by the Government and by the Electronics and IT chamber CANIETI, for her accomplishments and contribution to Society through Technology.

She has delivered several business and technical training programs, and has also been an enthusiastic technology adoption promoter among small companies. She has been a professor at Universidad Panamericana for five years; she is also a lecturer, evaluator and management board member at several institutions.

During 2014 she evaluated the Innovation Agendas of the States of Mexico as member of the evaluation committee, working for The United States-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC); the customer was the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico.


Margarita Solis has the knowledge and skills to understand the team’s mission, the purpose, and the value for customers. She is capable to develop the necessary processes to deliver that value by facilitating the processes and especially on the basis of all, motivating and preparing people to sustainably deliver the value and achieve personal and business results.


Currently, she is conducting Industry development programs, innovation initiatives and performance consulting for government agencies and private companies working within an International Consultancy Network.
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She is experienced in top management, training and consulting. She has experience in organizational and business development, integrating people, process and technology toward strategic goals achievement and performance of excellence. Among clients are: Panasonic, Bticino, Grupo Lala, Mabe, Mars Electronics, Siemens VDO, The United States-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC), Volkswagen de México, Chrysler, General Motors, Nemak, Casa de cambio Tamibe, Bancomer, Danfoss, J&J, Procter&Gamble.