Metro Mentoring Platform

What is Metro Mentoring Platform?

a NEW and STATE-OF-THE-ART complement to Persona GLOBAL’s

Beyond Coaching, Mentoring the Ultimate Manager Performance Enhancing Process

The Persuasive Communicator™

The Metro Mentoring Platform (MMP) is a HR development environment that facilitates learning from each other (mentoring) within a company or between a selected group of people with shared interests/capabilities. It provides insights into professional competences, automates matching for skill level, and structures growing/developing by means of a unique online mentor model: iGROW.

  • Metro gives insights into professional competences, linked to business goals.
  • Metro’s algorithm automates matches between mentors and mentees based on competencesscores (scores are produced by questionnaires filled in by different persons in your ownenvironment).
  • Metro makes it easy to connect with each other, and invites each other to start learning fromeach other.
  • Metro structures the mentoring process by means of the online iGROW model.
  • Metro gives managers of companies insights into the competences of employees (aggregated)and how active people are on helping each other to grow.
  • The mentoring & coaching training of Persona GLOBAL provides the bases for mentors beforeusing the MMP.

The MMP has a built in 360 degree assessment tool which can be altered to any set of competences (banking, care, education, child care, accountancy, and etc). It gives insights in your talents with an online report, accessible on any device with internet using personal secure login. The matching tool provides you with mentors per competence and mentees per competence to select and invite. The iGROW model provides an online mentor/coach model with real-time/online chat function.