What is M@gic?

M@gic is an assessment tool based on Bruce W. Tuckman research concerning team development. It helps a team and his/her manager identify its maturity level and determine concrete collective or individual actions and behaviours in order to develop or reinforce the team cohesiveness and coherence for better results.

As management systems emphasize more and more individual performance and because globalization spreads teams in different locations with cross cultural issues, M@gic brings specific insights to managers and team members to know how to better perform as a team and deliver successfull business results.

This tool is easy to integrate in a team building process and helps the consultant to target the right actions and activities that will increase team cohesion according to its current level of maturity. Any kind of team will benefit from this process: M@gic will help executive committees to overcome struggles for power; Project teams will be more quickly efficient and will avoid more easily project pitfalls…

Reassessment also allows one to measure the progress made and identify what is left to do. M@gic certification session includes all the know how and the materials needed to master the tool and propose also proven team building activities that fit the level of maturity of the team that you need to make progress.

M@GIC Benefits for Management Professionals

ACTIONNABLE: M@GIC includes 7 stages for the development of a team where the Tuckman model is only based on 5 stages. Being more precise allows M@GIC to determine specific actions for improving the team’s maturity.

EASY-TO-ADMINSITER: The M@GIC questionnaire with its 49 concrete items is quick to answer by respondents. The sophisticated computer program delivers not only clear and visual results but also pertinent analysis and recommendations.

RESULT ORIENTED: M@GIC measurement is directly linked with the team efficiency level. The reiteration of magic allows to demonstrate the quality of the work which have been done with a group.

COMPREHENSIVE: The M@GIC model is both simple and sophisticated. Everyone quickly understands at which stage his team belongs and what are the consequences but also knows what the team could gain by being at the next stage.

Key Function:

Based on Bruce W. Tuckman research, M@GIC was developed to identify and develop strategies for team cohesiveness and coherence for better results.


49 questions


7 Principles:

  • Making Contact
  • Exploration
  • Adaptation
  • Meeting of minds
  • Effectiveness
  • Creativity
  • Dissolution