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Interviews with business executives clearly reveal that many remain worried about how to align their people with their business strategy. One thing that differentiates Persona GLOBAL® is our 37 year track record, in more than 71 countries, of transformational change within organizations. Our expertise serves as a catalyst for unleashing the critical power of the “human element” so that both the company and its employees can realize their full potential. The professionals at PersonaGLOBAL® specialize in removing whatever is preventing your people from achieving your goals.

Since 1980, Persona GLOBAL® has been both a direct management consultancy as well as the hub of a network of organizational development practitioners providing robust, field-tested performance solutions and survey instrumentation.

Our tailored and scalable process-oriented performance solutions achieve results because they are practical, addressing real-world business challenges. Among the many key challenges we address are Business Execution, Change Leadership, Customer Experience Management, Emotional Capability at Work, Managerial Development, Principle-Based Negotiation, Organizational Agility and Alignment, Performance Leadership, Sales Leadership, Talent Management, Innovative Decision Making, and Trust-Based Influencing.

While we work with many SMEs, our seamless service makes us especially well suited to MNCs because all PersonaGLOBAL®performance solutions have been culturally adapted and delivered by over 1,400 certified organizational development practitioners and trainers around the world, in as many as 38 languages. Currently, our performance solutions are deployed in more than 50% of Fortune 1000 companies in 71 countries.

Whether you’re in Auckland, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Helsinki, Madrid, Paris, Brussels, London, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, San Francisco — or elsewhere— there is a certified Persona GLOBAL® consultant ready to work with you as your strategic business partner.

Curious about how we can work together to achieve results for you, your team, your department, your division or your organization? Drop us an email at and we’ll be pleased to answer your query.




“To became a trusted partner in assisting companies and individuals create their great future in life and business performance”


Assists and provides :

  1. Integrated Solution to Change Through Consulting Process and Services
  2. Costumized, Integrated Solution for Human Resource Professionals
  3. Leadership Assessment and Development with Effective Methodologies and Profiles
  4. Awareness and Skill Building Solutions for the Various Situations
  5. Research Surveys / Measurements, Application for Coaching and Skill Training Workshop