Rich Way Simulation – Fair Process Leadership of Change

What is the Rich Way Simulation?

The Rich Way simulation gives people the opportunity to think through the ‘How’ of a complex change situation, experiencing the impact of the way decisions are made and people are involved.

Many business focus on finding the right solution rather than thinking through the methods they use to get to the result. By ignoring the process, they often undermine their changes of achieving the best results. The simulation makes achieving long-term sustainable value for the business a function of the insights gained by engaging in open conversations with people and exploring options for better execution outcomes.

Simulation in Practice

In the context of an international integration of two financial businesses, participants must plan, develop and implement an effective strategy to maximize the value to be created. To do this they need to balance the demands of individuals with divergent interests within the companies and from external parties. They need to understand the desired outcomes, but more importantly also the need for perceived process fairness by those involved.

Rich Way Simulation Key Learning Outcomes

  • PROFILING and prioritizing stakeholders in the process;
  • DEVELOPING, using and adapting a communication strategy to gather and disseminate information;
  • UNDERSTANDING the rage of rational and non-rational factors that determine each person’s attitude;
  • USING THE UNFLUENCE NETWORK to build support for their initiatives;
  • UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACT of national and organizational culture on people’s attitudes and behaviors ; and
  • BALANCING the economic and fi nancial impact of a plan with its human implications and consequences.