Robert Reinfuss

Robert is a practitioner of management, business consultant and author of numerous publications in the field of personnel management. He has ten years of experience in consulting and twelve years’ experience in management in manufacturing, retail and banking.
Robert is an author of the two books “MBO – simple, effective technique of the management of your business” (original in Polish) and “Market of Objectives. Return on investment in HR”. The book describes a spectacular success story of an implementation of the Market of Objectives.
Robert is an author and promotor of a Market of Objectives, a participational, computerized management technic based on MbO. Market of Objectives method and the dedicated IT tool, created in cooperation with Witold Reichhart from Advisio, was implemented in many companies in Poland. One of the key elements of the method is Three Indicators Role that allows measuring of all types of objectives. The most spectacular implementations of MoO system took place in Bank Pocztowy in 2012 with a ROI=25 in a first year and many rewards for the Bank in next years. Robert was the initiator and was responsible for all aspects of the implementation.
Robert is the author of ValueView®, the first method that uses the survey to continuously measure the value of tasks and processes within an organization, supported by a dedicated IT system.
In 2000 Robert received a prestigious title of HR Director of the Year from a Polish national publishing house Rzeczypospolita.


Robert has a 12 years’ experience in managing large companies, which include:

  • Initiating startup and managing all production services at RR Donnelly printing plant (USA) as a Production Support Manager
  • Restructuring and carrying out a successful merger of two large brewing companies under South African Breweries. For the successful compromise with the unions, he was rewarded with a SAB Management Development Program in Johannesburg as Director of Human Resources
  • Implementing of all HR services and processes in an international production company Nowy Styl (PL) as an interim Director of Human Resources
  • Restructuring and assisting in merger of two large Polish banks PBK and BPH under BPH Bank as the HR Director. A successful implementation of an MbO in the new Bank initiated and managed by Robert generated an extra 30mil USD net income for the Bank.

Areas of expertise

For the last 10 years Robert is helping large and medium companies as interim manager or consultant. His main areas of expertise are:

  • Strategy and its operationalization
  • Remuneration systems
  • Measuring and increasing organizations’ profitability
  • Strategic HR

Robert has implemented or consulted MbO implementations in several dozens of companies. One of his specialties was successfully transformed a bonus system into flat salaries, which resulted in productivity increase.

Robert is an expert in measuring and controlling systems of profitability, organizational effectiveness, and competencies. He was the first to measure profitability of trainings and HR projects using a tool.In addition to, Robert lectures at several universities, e.g. Warsaw University, Business High School in Dabrowa Gornicza, Sommer School of ICAN.


Robert studied at the Jagiellonian University and the Oxford University and was graduated with a degree in Social Science. He completed Postgraduate Studies in Management in Johannesburg and Human Resources Management at CIPD in the UK.