Selling to Key Accounts

What is Selling to Key Accounts?

Anticipating Buyer Concerns

Have you ever wondered what your prospects and customers go through in deciding whether or not to buy your product or service? Why do some clients, for whom your product seems a perfect match, decide not to buy? How can you support a client through the anguish of decision-making? Decisions are made by people, and people act and react differently in accordance with their internal needs. When you respond to those needs, your customer is more receptive to your suggestions, recommendations, and proposals. As product standardization increases and price becomes an issue, companies need to encourage their salespeople to:

  • Position themselves as problem solvers.
  • Create long-term, Win/Win relationships with their customers.

Workshop Benefits

  • Assists salespeople in forming effective strategies that take into account the customer’s decision-making process.
  • Participants receive feedback on their communication style as well as their strengths in trust building, empathy projection, and interpersonal flexibility.
  • Supports the company’s efforts to adopt sales strategies geared towards problem solving and customer service.