Storytelling for Sales

What is Storytelling for Sales?

The best sellers are good storytellers. 10 years of research shows that in complex sales, the best sellers are nearly 200% better than their peers. Often, we look at these start performers and believe their storytelling skills are a natural gift, unattainable by the majority. But it’s not. We’ve cracked the code of storytelling in sales situations. Storytelling for Sales™ helps close the gap between the average and the star sales performers by imparting fundamental skills needed to operate effectively within any sales process. Storytelling is a skill that anyone can learn – it requires some knowledge, a few new habits and some practice.

These are some of the reasons Storytelling for Sales™ increases your sales:

  • Faster connection with your prospect
  • A longer, more-trusted relationship with your buyer
  • Fewer roadblocks because anti-stories are overcome with better stories
  • A faster sale because the buyer is emotionally engaged in the process
  • More sellers operating at the star-performer level
  • Greater buy-in for your solution across the organisation because everyone knows and can tell its story

Success Story

In 2015, a divisional GM contacted us about three months after attending the program. He explained that he had a project he had been pitching to the board for several years with no success. He had recently tried it again. This time, he had used the program’s clarity story pattern to construct his pitch. Instead of 30 minutes, the pitch only took 10 minutes. The chairperson looked around the room, and said “let’s do it.” One of the other board members asked what it would take to roll the project out faster and more broadly than I had proposed. He said “I didn’t even expect the project to be approved, let alone considered the funding to roll out faster and more broadly. So I went with my gut and said ‘$5 million’. It was approved as well.”

About the workshop

It’s a pragmatic and sales-oriented program. Sellers will learn how to use their own stories as well as stories from their company to establish rapport, build credibility, demonstrate value and ask for the business. They’ll learn how you can’t beat a problematic story with a fact – it can only be beaten by a better story. They’ll learn how to make their own stories even better. And just as importantly, they’ll find out when not to tell a story. The program provides the storytelling skills to help close opportunities more quickly and increase sales.

Who should attend?

Storytelling for Sales™ is designed for any seller or sales manager who wants to influence, inspire and make more sales, faster.

“Putting Stories to Work”

Learn the business storytelling secrets Shawn, the co-author of Storytelling for Sales™, shares with leaders around the world and now applied in Global 1000 companies:

  • How to develop the habit of business storytelling to truly engage your audience and make your ideas stick.
  • How to find effective stories to tell and how to remember them so they’ll pop to mind when you need them.
  • When to retire a story and how to refresh it with one that will work for you again.
  • When it’s best to tell a story and what type of story to tell. Also when not to tell a story.