The Oil Tycoons

What is The Oil Tycoons?

We often hear from our clients in the oil and gas sector how important it is that their personnel should operate with a holistic view of the business, that they should develop an “economic mindset”, and should plan and conduct their work based on the company’s long-term market strategies and current market situation, applying at the same time a client oriented approach.

Every commercial organization is faced in its daily operation with a choice as to how to make maximum effective use of its available resources in order to achieve planned profit levels. As a result, the following questions arise:

How can investments in field development, production, well servicing, refining, sales, and customer service be optimized? How do you calculate the cost of losing a client and the investment in finding a new client? How do you define where no investment is required or where it is being channeled in the wrong direction? How do you identify target groups of client prospects? How do you promote the services you have in order to attract corporate and retail clients?

Training specialists and line managers to take a panoramic view of the company’s business and a comprehensive approach to decision making requires a special type of training module that will simulate various situations and can be used to safely try out (without making any financial losses) different market strategies. We believe that the optimum solution for this task is a business simulation game that models a vertically integrated oil company operating on the retail and corporate markets.

This simulation game not only models a situation that is as close as possible to how the company actually operates on the oil market, but also provides the highest possible degree of player involvement, creating an emotionally charged atmosphere of absorption in the business. The most valuable thing provided by this game is the conclusions that the players draw themselves, which is why they are committed to memory for a long time.

The Oil Tycoons simulation game therefore provides the answers to those questions and allows you to acquire unique experience of running an oil company throughout its complete operating cycle!