The Persuasive Communicator Blended Learning

What is The Persuasive Communicator Blended Learning?

PC-Blended Learning is an e-learning application for trainers/consultants working with the Persona® GLOBAL workshop methodology, The Persuasive Communicator™. The modern web-based application teaches basic knowledge of the Persona® Social Styles and is fun to use.

Participants use this easily accessible learning tool to work on the subject prior to the workshop and are thereby well prepared to go deeper into it – the great plus of Blended Learning. The application runs on all web-enabled platforms (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones etc). All you need is a web browser and connection to the internet.

The integration of the e-training increases the skill of the participants and reduces the time required in face-to-face training. Thus it separates knowledge transfer from gaining competence and helps to concentrate on discussions and role-plays within the workshop. You as a consultant achieve better training results as the subject is deeply anchored in the participants’ minds – a perfect reference for your next assignment.

Make use of the trend to reduce the training time spent in the classroom and sell PC – Blended Learning as your added value to your customers.


  • E-training application that provides basic knowledge of the Persona® Social Styles
  • Purely web-based application runs on all web-enabled platforms
  • Modern look & feel makes it fun to use
  • Intuitive exercises allow for easy user interaction
  • Optimum results at the workshop with well prepared participants


PC-Blended learning is structured in chapters and pages. The pages contain content such as text, images and audio files. For user interaction different types of exercises are available. For example: quadrants, term matching, and free text.

The free text boxes allow for self worded answers with a standard solution shown for comparison. Quadrants request the user to assign provided terms to the 4 communication styles in the matrix. The term matching exercises asks participants to draw lines between a term and the corresponding label. The solution to the exercises is provided if the user does not find the correct answer within three attempts.


The Persuasive Communicator™ workshop consists of the following units:

  • Introduction
  • Communication style
  • Trust and empathy
  • Change and defensiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Process
  • Application

Content of nearly every unit is covered by the e-training application. Users interact with the application and can memorize the content better than by reading alone. All subjects that require the presence of the trainer or other participants remain on the agenda of the face-to-face training.


  • Learn at their own pace based on information like text, images, audio and exercises
  • Repetition is possible and available as often as needed
  • Reduced traveling costs and less time away from daily business


  • Accessible everywhere that internet is available
  • Runs on all web-enabled platforms (PC, Mac, tablets, smart phone)
  • Registration is completed by email address and user-assigned password
  • Access to the application is granted by voucher code – you are in control
  • User can login only once at a time


  • Modern – look and feel appeals to users
  • No need to install software or setup complex server architecture
  • Easy access to the fast growing blended learning market
  • Blended learning offers advantages for both users and consultants/trainers. Facilitators begin PC workshops with well-prepared participants and will achieve optimum results.

Language Version

All you need to get your language version of PC – Blended Learning is the translation of the English text provided in an Excel sheet. This text will be implemented into your application which is published at a specific URL. On request you get access to the back end of the application and are able to implement changes.


PC – Blended Learning runs on Container an innovative web-based tool, which provides all functionality needed to create and provide e-trainings and e-coachings. The clearly structured and intuitive user interface allows for an easy handling of the application. The learning experience starts instantly.