The Persuasive Communicator™

What is The Persuasive Communicator™?

The Persuasive Communicator (PC) is a 16 hour workshop presenting lifelong skills enabling delegates to communicate effectively, become more influential and ultimately becoming successful persuasive communicators! This robust workshop provides delegates with an intuitive, practical system for dealing with all people, especially those “difficult or uncooperative people” whom they have not been able to influence yet.

Based on Persona GLOBAL’s proprietary Social Styles and Trust Building methodologies, the Persuasive Communicator workshop enables delegates to build sustained, long term win/win business as well as personal relationships.

The Persuasive Communicator™ has been proven for the past 36 years to be one of the world’s most effective communication skills training programs.

More than 1.6 Million people in 71 countries have attended this skill building workshop.

Persuasive Communicator Methodology

The ideal workshop size is 12-16 participants in order to promote maximum interaction and learning. Since each participant has a personal case study subject, the methodology is appropriate for both in-company and public/open programs.

Value Added

One exclusive benefit for participating in Persuasive Communicator workshop is the possibility to gain access to Persona GLOBAL’s proprietary expert system – the Gameplanning software.

This Gameplanning Profiling system allows former delegates to develop unlimited new actionable Gameplan profiles on specific individuals. Delegates with internet connection can access this Gameplanning Profile system anytime through Persona GLOBAL’s online Assessment Center, located on Persona GLOBAL’s website (

The Gameplanning Profile system is a time tested virtual consultant enabling former delegates at any time to have the confidence to build trust and to communicate effectively!

Unique Value Proposition for Trainers and Consultants

EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND. Leader Guide and PowerPoint program gives the trainer full support in facilitating the workshop.

GLOBAL REACH. Online Assessment Center enables 24/7 data collection and processing over the internet allowing distribution of feedback reports in multiple languages.

TRACK RECORD. Persuasive Communicator™ methodology has been tested and proven for more than 36 years in multiple cultures.