The Well-Run Gas Station

What is The Well-Run Gas Station?

Supporting the efficient operation of a large retail chain is a tough challenge for any company. But if the business has to operate according to numerous technical and safety standards and restrictions, then managing the scattered retail outlets becomes virtually impossible due to constantly arising problems and wrong decisions made by managers.

The most graphic example of this sort of network is a chain of gas stations. The hazards of handling highly flammable and explosive materials mean that strict standards must be adhered to, but the high degree of independence and the uniqueness of each individual gas station, coupled with varying levels of personnel training and motivation, create a mass of obstacles to compliance with all the instructions and service procedures.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that, just as in any other retail chain, a high, standardized, and consistent quality level must be maintained for the fuel and associated goods and services at all the gas stations.

Fulfilling these tasks is fully and totally the responsibility of the person operating the gas station. Consequently, by training them, the company will ensure that its chain operates efficiently. In most cases, however, the operators have no managerial education, since people that are appointed to the position are the senior and most experienced employees who are highly knowledgeable about how their gas station operates, but cannot cope with specific issues of managing people, resources, and time. The Well-Run Gas Station business simulation game is designed to train gas station operators. It incorporates all the aspects of running a real gas station, from properly handling personnel to correctly applying merchandizing standards. By modeling real-life situations, from equipment breakdowns to high customer traffic during peak hours, the game helps players learn how to make the correct decisions, understand the principles of efficient gas station operation, and follow the service standards established by the company.

This game provides a high level of player involvement and creates an emotionally charged atmosphere, so the conclusions drawn by the trainees are remembered for a long time.