Value view

What is ValueView?

Value View is a method that uses the survey to continuously measure the value of tasks and processes within an organization, supported by a dedicated IT system.

ValueView™ measures the importance and sufficiency of tasks for their beneficiaries, i.e. internal and external clients. Beneficiaries are the main information providers to estimate the value of tasks for the organization.

Results are expressed in Value Indicators which may trigger immediate improvements in organizational performance. The quantitative results obtained allow one to distinguish tasks

  • least profitable, the reduction of which allows one to easily lower costs in the organization,
  • of high profitability, which provide potential for a further increase in effectiveness.

Subject to measurement are the tasks conducted by employees. Measuring is based on comparison of the supply of work in terms of particular tasks with the demand that the organization and its clients generate for such tasks. ValueView™ analyzes the parameters of each of the measured tasks, including its importance and sufficiency from the viewpoint of beneficiaries. Analysis of task correlation and related costs and benefits, allows one to calculate the profitability and thus the value of each task.

ValueView™ enables measurement of the value of any tasks carried out in the organization, including those without a direct influence on results. It can be used in any kind of organization as a tool for improving the effectiveness of work, efficiency of processes and prioritization in the context of strategic goals.

Do you want to turn your Productivity into Profit?
Are you searching for a simple method to help you to measure the value of tasks?
Do you need support with your or current tasks prioritization?
Or do you want to know how to increase your employee engagement?

Low Burden, Low Cost

The ValueView™ profitability study is carried out through two simple electronic questionnaires. The survey is simple and short and it makes use of simple and up-to-date software solutions.

  • Stage I – Analysis of tasks and their costs takes about 30 minutes.
  • Stage II – Analysis of demand conducted by beneficiaries takes about 10 minutes.